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Consort PR is a new player in the field of artistic management and media relations which aims to establish itself as one of the leading entertainment agencies in Europe.
Although a new organisation, Consort PR has a small team of passionate and dedicated professionals with long experience of operating in North America and Europe who combine their expertise to give clients a bespoke, seamless service across a wide range of PR requirements.

Whatever your project, whether promoting a film, fashion collection, tour, concert, recordings, or the professional career of an individual actor, model, musician, writer, photographer, or designer, Consort PR can put together a package of PR and marketing solutions that is exactly right for you.

From proactive PR campaigns to promoting specific projects, to 24/7 reactive management of your brand’s media profile, Consort PR offers clients the best strategic advice and media contacts in the business, becoming a vital part of your team.

Consort PR recommends you involve us right from the start of any project planning, to ensure your project moves forward with the best possible inbuilt opportunities for maximising media interest. This enables Consort PR to advise on the best possible use of old media techniques, such as carefully timed and targeted media releases in both hard copy and electronic formats, and new media techniques, such as viral social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Consort PR can act for projects and individuals, both promoting and managing as required.

Consort PR is also has the expertise to secure your project hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of free publicity in the news columns of the print media and in the news programmes of TV and radio broadcasters, space that can never be bought with money. Consort PR does this by ensuring your project is sufficiently newsworthy to merit the space.

For film makers, Consort PR provides the following buzz-creating services:

· During pre-production: targeted old and new media releases focusing on newly attached cast and key production crew and other important announcements creating a sound and growing foundation of pre-buzz buzz and viral chatter, getting your film talked about as widely as possible.

· During production: organising on-set media visits, filming your vital Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for distribution to the broadcast media and for use on your website, the social media, and for DVD extras, as well as targeted media releases focusing on the filming itself, leaving you free to concentrate on production.
· During post-production: targeted media releases focusing on the status of the film (such as distribution deals, film festivals), selection of production stills for media kits, website, and other marketing, creating a full range of media kits in all formats and editing behind-the-scenes footage for broadcast and other use, designing posters, websites and the full range of marketing materials.

· Red Carpet Premiere: manage the entire event to ensure your premiere is the best show in town, from contracting the equipment, designing the setting, reaching out to all media including niche bloggers and online reporters, managing the media, inviting and entertaining high profile celebrities, providing staff photographers and videographers, handling all aspects of hospitality, security, parking, including various category guests lists.

· Film Festivals: strategically selecting the right film festivals for your project and managing its appearances together with all associated media and PR activity, cast and director interviews, interview training where required, marketing materials, increasing media exposure, getting the project noticed by the right people and organisations, ensuring it stands out in the crowd, and generally creating buzz.

· Release Campaign: whether national, local, or straight to DVD, and as appropriate, provide a tailor-made release campaign strategy that sets the stage in each region, distributing targeted media releases and media kits, seeking out local angles for local media, managing the placement of advertisements, posters, marketing material, cross advertising, announcements in local calendars, reviewer hospitality, seizing appropriate local online opportunities, managing cast and director interviews where desirable and DVD signings in stores.

For all kinds of projects and for individuals, as appropriate, Consort PR can provide:

· Social networking / new media campaigns: our highly skilled tech-savvy team of apps creators relishes the daily challenge of staying on top of the rapidly evolving latest communications crazes and can design bespoke apps and produce content for building solid fan bases for each client, enabling them to communicate easily and rapidly with their fans on all principle social networking and other new media platforms, bringing viral marketing within easy reach and using effective grassroots methods for creating buzz.

· Overall creative direction: ensuring your brand, whether a project or an individual, hits the market with a strong targeted image and a consistent range of well-developed marketing materials, including cutting edge websites, posters, ad campaigns, in a unified design built from the ground up, working hand-in-hand with other creative teams where appropriate, to ensure your project or brand does not get overlooked.

· Media Kits: provide targeted media kits of all types, including traditional hard copy and digital press kits, dynamic media kits, electronic press kits and behind-the-scenes videos (as appropriate), posters, and websites, using bespoke cutting edge design from our own creative teams.

Consort PR also provides a consultation service for product placement and distribution deals (for films) using our vast list of industry contacts.

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