Anton Psak is a renowned oil painter who has been a captive of the brush and canvas since the age of 18. With a desire for interpreting enigmatic, autobiographical narratives in every piece, Anton has built a reputation for invoking psychoanalytic, unconsciousness, and passing experiences on to the viewer of his work.

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His pieces have appeared in numerous private and public collections around the UK, and he is the recipient of many awards and recognitions for his peerless attention to detail, voice and forging a unique style not seen before. He is the recipient of the 2009 UH Recording Prize earned during the Margeret Harvey Open Competition in St. Albans. He received the Finalist Award in the Republic Art Competition of 2005 in Humenne, Slovakia and the Finalist Award for the Regional Art Competition of 2005 in Michalovce, Slovakia.

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Anton believes strongly in art as more than an aesthetical object that goes far beyond the function of a design product. To Anton, every piece is an intimate portrait into the emotions, experiences, places and events that shaped his life; every painting is a symbol of a piece of Anton’s life that he is baring to the world in order for them to understand more about himself. His paintings are an insightful perspective into his existence, his beliefs and all the things that have shaped them over the course of his life.

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In spite of this deeply personal element to his work, Anton has been told everything he produces is very relatable, found in all the metaphors, symbols and allegories laced within a stroke of his brush. Through this, Anton’s style has grown and evolved as he has also grown and evolved throughout the course of his experiences in the UK.

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Anton was born in Ruskovce, Slovakia in May 1979. His travels eventually brought him to England where he began his formal education in studying the arts, and he fell in love with a culture that nurtured his deep passion for exploring numerous mediums, techniques and artists. This became the catalyst for his own style, and he is grateful for the opportunity to have studied and completed his education in England.

Anton holds a master’s degree in fine art and a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield in the UK.

When he isn’t in his studio, Anton enjoys studying philosophy, psychoanalysis, golfing and spending time with his family.

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