The exposition of the major sized pieces took place in LONDON last Thursday at the respected art Gallery HALCYON.

The sculptures made of bronze, marble and fibre glass have the shape of the gorgeous Brazilian model and Actress Kat Torres, who brought to the pieces not only a fabulous elegant shape but as well her vivid soul and personality.

kat torres

Kat Torres its a Brazilian model and actress, now based in Hollywood.
The actress worked on the theatres in Brazil since the age of 7, living and working in Europe and New York as a model since very early age now thought its time to move to Los Angeles and focus on her acting career on the american movie market.

kat torres 2
She sowed her dancing skills on the Prince Royce music video in Hollywood (Font: DailyMail)

Kat its also a very successful comedian in her country, the actress created a character that aparently its taking over Brazilian female public. She holds a page on Instagram and Facebook called “Kat stuff” that has over 800k happy followers.

The page will became a stand up comedy starting at the end of this year in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro- Brazil.
The model had her name attached to the big Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013, after pictures of them together was seen among speculations of a possible romance between them occurred on the Cannes Film Festival.

kat torres 3


by Jennifer Niejadlik.

Jennifer Niejadlik.

Jennifer Niejadlik.



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