Artist Bartosz Beda, at 33 years old, creates in his studio paintings that reference Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach, and Gerhard Richter.


Beda graduated in 2012 from Manchester Metropolitan University and in the same year won the Towry award for best painter in the North of England, he then exhibited at the Saatchi New Sensation group exhibition and was titled by the Caitlin as one of the most exciting emerging artists in the UK. He was awarded with a scholarship to the prestigious Dresden Academy of Art in Germany.


In 2013, Beda moved to the United States where he has won several national competitions, had solo exhibitions in Spain, Colombia and the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Beda has been featured in the Financial Times and Money Week as a future star and a painter that you should take note of, collect and invest in. He was featured in the Independent, HSBC’ guide to investing in Art, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, Spokesman-Review, InLander and many more. Bartosz represents a new generation of painters who explore new ideas in figurative expression and philosophical concepts in art.


Today we are going to look back on some of Bartosz Beda’s best quotes from past interview and articles and check out some of his best reflections on painting and painting philosophy.


“Painting is an experience. If I want to experience a painting, then I am interacting with the surface face to face. That close interaction establishes a relationship and expresses my madness and mimesis. This allows me to focus on the here and now, which means that I am trying to understand what I can do with the process of painting and painting itself. It could happen through a simple act like refreshing my view on the painting by viewing other artworks by other artists. This allows me to be in the right time and space, and it helps me to create my own definition of a painting”.

Fitness By Bartosz Beda

Fitness By Bartosz Beda


“I am learning everyday what painting is. I know how to do it. It is like making my best coffee. You know a recipe, but no one can tell you how to make it the best, because it all depends on many elements. This is the constant factor in my day-to-day studio practice. I improve with every next painting, even if I consider the painted piece as not successful”.

Bad Boys Have A Nice Beard By Bartosz Beda

Bad Boys Have A Nice Beard By Bartosz Beda

“I am interested in reactions that viewers will have from paintings, and I expect viewers to be surprised by how much images control and cause anxiety. There is not one recipe for understanding painting, but there are many I can use to make it my passion”.


Flat Emotion By Bartosz Beda

Flat Emotion By Bartosz Beda


“My paintings explore the relationship between daily life and human nature. I perceive humanity as a chocolate cake, where beneath the ‘iced’ surface lies an intriguing and challenging mixture of fears and social pathology. Through the application and process of painting, I cut a piece of this cake to explore the nature of these problems”.



“Art is something I have always been fascinated by…”


“Success is 5% talent and 95% hard work.”


Nuns Coordinated By Bartosz Beda

Nuns Coordinated By Bartosz Beda

“I don’t think about how to paint a hand or a face or a figure, or what colours to use. I just do that spontaneously, and I’m actually more interested in deforming the painting. I’m interested in finding a kind of flatness in colour or form, so it’s nothing to do with figurative painting, even if you can see a figure there; it’s primarily about erasing the focal point. I try to create limitless space, as Rothko did in his paintings. It’s more about experimenting. I don’t know where it will take me, but it’s good practice for something new.”


“I think that spoken or written words connect with painting and add importance.”



“I do apply the paint impasto. I like to have parts of the canvas where the paint is really thin, where you can almost see the primer, and other areas where the paint is very thickly applied. I also work wet on wet, so the paint mixes all the time. Sometimes, I want to prove to myself that I can still paint figures in a traditional sense, so I limit my palette to maybe two colours and sort of draw the figure into the painting and then, when I’ve proved to myself that I can still do it, I start to destroy the figure. So I’ll create something really realistic and then take it out little by little.”


“No, I wouldn’t go to other mediums. I’d rather dedicate my time to painting.”


“Now I’m trying to find my own vision of painting, to bring a new perspective to painting. This is a long process. We all copy and use the ideas of others and it’s not a bad thing.”


“Change is always good, but at the beginning it creates a lot of expectation in people when you change place, when you change friends and when you start a new life. It is like you’re reborn a little bit, so maybe it takes time to see a different angle.”


“Work hard and create a good portfolio. I think that the best opportunities are those we create.”


“ ‘Hear My Voice’. These three words are my momentum for the entire adventure in this exhibition.”


Looking At Things And Feeling Good About ThemIII By Bartosz Beda

Looking At Things And Feeling Good About ThemIII By Bartosz Beda


“I have to push the boundaries of painting.”




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Article by Matthew John


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