These dark digital paintings by Russian artist Waldemar von Kazak flirt with surrealism and social commentary, using sexual tension and bizarre characters to capture viewers’ imaginations.

Though von Kazak went to school for design, he eventually returned to his greatest passion – drawing and illustration. “I began to draw after unsuccessful contact with a Large iron swing when I was small,” he said in an interview with Pinup Arena. “For years I worked hard as a designer. I was engaged in packing, advertising polygraphy and book design. But at some point I wanted to draw again. Today I am an illustrator.”

Some of his sexually-charged images touch upon social issues like men and women’s relationship or the tedium of our daily lives, but others are simply fantastic sci-fi pin-up art.



More info: | Facebook (NSFW) | DeviantArt (NSFW) (h/t: designyoutrust, pinuparena)

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