A duo of Ukrainian artists consisting of Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev creates tiny whimsical porcelain creatures that they paint with a wildly imaginative and creative array of painstakingly detailed and brilliantly colorful designs.

Given the tiny size of these creatures (most measure anywhere from 4 to 40cm), it was all the more surprising that Stasenko and Leontyev weren’t actually trained to work with ceramics. One is a graphic artist and the other is a painting teacher. They chose to work with ceramics simply because of economic reasons and because of the relative ease with which the material can be worked. In fact, they are downright humble about their work, stating that it is nothing remarkable, as they aren’t even trained ceramicists. We’ll let you be the judges – take a look at their works and decide for yourself!

More info: farfora.com (h/t: laughingsquid)

“We started with ceramics by a chance, when our friends invited us for joint project with ceramic jewelry design. We got some experience in this technologies and discovered new area of application for ourselves,”  Slava Leontyev told Bored Panda.

“Ceramics appeared as a matter, where nobody makes something similar and which gives feeling of novelty. We believed that we can fill a lack of these arts in modern ceramics sculpture.”

“We try to promote aesthetics, which we consider as appropriate. We also want to demonstrate potential of sophisticated story and complicated technique in a small artwork, not pretending to be a monument.”

“We undergo a significant influence of arts and artists, we have studied in the past. Recently, we discovered that our works are much more Ukrainian as it seemed at first. Now we considered ourselves as much more rooted in Ukrainian art traditions as we could imagine before.”

“We studied painting, graphics, book illustration and placard arts for many years and worked in these areas for some time. Anya Stasenko, the author of the most of our figurines paintings worked on wood engraving miniatures.”

“We have always worked on individual orders, never seriously promoted our figurines and almost never participated in exhibitions. However, popularity of our art grows and the number of orders significantly surpasses our production resources now.” 

“We would like to believe that a kid, who will grow next to our art, will grow smarter and happier than as without it.”

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