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For photographer Robin Yong, the Venetian Carnival had always been a faraway dream. He often wondered about the costumed people and who they really were. And then, he jumped on the opportunity to travel to Venice, Italy, to photograph the Venetian Carnival, one of the most beautiful festivals in one of the most enchanting cities in the world. In Beginning in Venice, he shares a collection of photographs from that trip and narrates the stories behind the photographs. With an eye for composition and color and for capturing remarkable moments, these pictures document the wonderful events of outrageous costumes set in a medieval environment. It tells a story of history, culture, art, and sensuality. Each image is imbued with Robin Yong’s love for the masquerade and its actors: smiles or frowns on the masks, sparks in the eyes of his models, textures, colors, and minute details in a costume.

Post by Matthew John

matthew John

Matthew John


Venice Carnival Event Promoter.

Event 1: The Glass Slippers Ball – Venice.

Event 2: Killing Kittens Venetian Party.

Event 3: Circus Of Wonders – Grand Ball.

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Event 4: Avanspettacolo Cabaret Dinner And Show.

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