Matthew John – ” “Sinner and Saint”, originally started with the announcement of the Colchester 60 hour film challenge. It was a fun weekend project amongst a group of friends, Fashion Designer Sophie being one. Due to the nature of the project, it gave limited time to come up with a story, shoot a short film and edit it. After we had submitted the short to the festival, we decided to make a new longer cut of the project. Everything fit perfectly. Sophie Reyes loans her gowns to movies and film, as they are very glamourous. And the designs are very vintage that suited the period property locations around us, and a look and design that I particularly like, due to my present year directing the period drama film, “Hedda Gabler”. The collection of clothes were a mixture of dark and light, which helped us come up with the “sinner” and “saint” storyline. The contemporary music, slight wacky elements to the locations, and a beautiful cast all helped this film come together.”

Sephora Venites
Natalia Kapchuk
Richard Walsh
Lillie Humphreys

Richard Walsh, Natalia Kapchuk

Richard Walsh, Natalia Kapchuk

Clothes by: Sophie Reyes:
Sephera Venites:
Natalia Kapcuk:
Director: Matthew John:
Producer: Gill Kirkham:
DOP: Richard Bertenshaw:
Styling: Hannah Robbins:
Make-Up: Caley Soul:
Costume: Penelope Brooke Hamilton:
Sarie Joynes:
Special Thanks to:
Freddy Hill for Rococo Gardens:
The Convent, Stroud:

Director: Matthew John
Producer: Jennifer Niejadlik
Production: Gillian Kirkham, Penelope Brooke-Hamilton
Director of Photography: Richard Bertenshaw
Camera Assistants: Henry Owen, Jack Blanch
Editor/Colourist: josh lee
Composer/Sound Recordist: Nathan Renney
Hair: Hannah Robbins
Make up: Caley Soul
Costumes: Penelope Brooke-Hamilton
Art Department: Elise Weinzweig
Runners: Conor McCrohan, Elliott Beamish, Pasha Truelove
Visual Artists:
Opening sequence: Saira Tagar
Visual Effects: Steven Mitchell
Colour & Grading: Kristen Muñoz

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