You may not have heard of a young Chinese Producer named Yue Wang, but she may be one of the new breed of producers to hit Hollywood by storm.  Born and raised in China, Yue Wang completed a Master of Fine Arts at Full Sail University, Florida and has since gone on to be involved in a number of projects in TV and Film.  She has worked on projects that have garnered her a fair bit of international acclaim, more recently producing a Feature Film – ‘Beneath the Banyan Tree’ which was starred by the Golden Horse Film Festival.


This year she has been busy working as Associate Producer for a USA special of ‘The Rap of China’. It is a hugely popular and successful show in China and is now aired through one of China’s biggest online platforms IQIYI (think Netflix) after the Chinese media regulators banned the hip hop culture thus forcing it on to an online platform.


It’s a format similar to that to The Voice of America but targeted at rappers.

The judging panel included US rap trio Migos, Chinese pop singer and actor, Kris Wu and Chinese American rapper MC Jin.

The programme is described as a reality show that gives the true backgrounds of  featured rappers and is the first youth rap music reality show aimed at this audience and provides us with a fascinating insight into the Chinese culture.


The American heat was an outstanding success attracting Chinese rappers from all walks of life:- American Chinese, University students and various other Chinese speakers giving a diverse mix of styles and dialects from all regions of the country.


You Wang said: ‘I am delighted at the response of the North American audience and was so excited to be able to be part of the first attempt at bringing Chinese hip hop and rap talents to the international scene.’



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