Remember little old 2012? End of the world and all that? Well i think we disproved that one! So many theories and predictions state different reasons the world will end, humanity will disappear, asteroids will hit Earth… yadda yadda yadda…

Although as much as we can disprove these prophecies, the one happening right in front of our eyes and all around us is Global Warming. This ticking time bomb is simply building more and more as we allow it to continue.

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has utilised his incorporative style in order to raise awareness of this ever-growing issue through his monumental sculpture for the 2017 Venice Art Biennale. The depiction of two gargantuan hands is situated outside the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel and is shown to rise from the canal to prop up the hotel itself; hence the fitting title of Support.

“Venice is a floating art city that has inspired cultures for centuries,” Quinn stated to Halcyon Gallery. “But to continue to do so it needs the support of our generation and future ones, because it is threatened by climate change and time decay.”

Having a certain panache for being destructive, perhaps humans need to focus on their ability and power to be creative. Quinn reflects on the abilities and responsibilities of humans to alter their environment

The frailty and brittleness of the situation is made apparent by Support in that it invokes hope in the attempt to not let the hotel submerge whereas the fragility and danger shows itself clearly. Mr Quinn stated: “I wanted to sculpt what is considered the hardest and most technically challenging part of the human body.”, “The hand holds so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy.”

To see more on Lorenzo Quinn and his work, check out the links below | | Instagram

Artist Lorenzo Quinn.        Image Credits: Lorenzo Quinn.



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