Pièce de théâtre de Bernard-Marie Koltès,
21/09/2017 – 19:30 à 20:45

Wishing to present in an exceptional setting “The night just before the forests”, Cultural Project invites you to Monaco outside in an extraordinary site. We are waiting for you to share this first and unique performance with the talented Eugène Marcuse. A young actor, recognized by many critics, done another great job in his career.  Have you ever been at a session with a therapist, or at a priest’s confession, people who can even be told about a murder? Only now, in the role of the host party, will you – the audience, risking already much more than, actually, the actors themselves. This is a real confession, a confession of a man who killed himself already during life itself. There is no beginning or end, there are vague contours of man.  I want to assure myself that this man was and remains in me. Every time the music will sound somewhere, my war for this image will not over and my quiet life always with devoid of content. “There is sometimes a degree of knowledge, tenderness, love, understanding, solidarity, etc., which reaches, in a night, between two unknowns, a level superior to that which two beings in one life can not attain, and this mystery deserves no misunderstanding of any means of expression that one witnesses, but that one moves on the contrary time to tempt to understand them all so as not to risk passing counting essential things. ”  says Bernard-Marie Koltès about it.


FIGARO SCOPE: “A boy tries to remember by all the words that he can find a stranger, whom he has approached on the corner of a street, one evening when he is alone, alone to die.” This young boy the very young Eugene Marcuse embodies it. A wild and childish presence. “Armelle Héliot.
TELERAMA: “A young man (Eugene Marcuse, a very nice and good actor) tries to retain a stranger who is spotted at the corner of a street, the young man is lonely, possibly a foreigner, and his appeal is lyrical, pathetic and desperate. Bernard-Marie Koltès brings to despair, love, desire, abandonment and perhaps something mysterious that binds the two men to incandescence. ” Sylviane Bernard Gresh


Actor: Eugene Marcuse


“Bernard-Marie Koltes explains in a letter to his mother that the idea of this text came to him after the meeting of a young man crossed at Les Halles one night. The night before the forests is an incredibly small text. Forty years later it still resounds like a cry of distress that is at the heart of our society. Speaking of suburban life, unem- ployment, unease in youth, he points to a societal problem that is still present. Jean-Pierre Garnier, director, has succeeded what others before him have tried: to immerse the viewer in an atmosphere that is specific to Bernard-Marie Koltès. To interpret this monologue of 63 pages without any punctuation, he played the role to young talented Eugène Marcuse, who offers us an interpretation of the exceptional character.
To echo the solitude described in this piece, the performance will take place outside on the roof of the prison of Monaco. The play will be released by a drone and will be shown after the performance to the prisoners. What we propose is a real emotional and theatrical shock, which leads the public to question. ” – France Bournet – Directrice de l’association Cultural Project (http://cultural-project.com)


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