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Jouer Cosmetics has tag teamed with some social media MUA, vlogger and blogger stars, to promote diversity. What better way of promoting diversity in the world of makeup, than with the help of three male makeup artists; Angel Merino, Manny MUA and Jeffree Star–especially ones that prove to humanity that makeup too can be worn by men and wasn’t made only for women, but meant for those who find pleasure in using it, without prejudice or sexist narrow mindedness to decide what is and isn’t excepted as the norm in society.

Angel Merino in one of his more recent videos says how makeup, worn by a male or female, is something that is sometimes “frowned upon,” and how he looks at makeup as a way of “really expressing yourself,” it can help with feeling empowered and a way of being more confident and “there’s nothing wrong with that.”

According to Manny MUA, he apparently wasn’t into makeup until he was 21, but apparently, years of practice wasn’t necessary in his case. Some of us on the other hand, need a little more time and practice to reach the level of precision and detail he’s at, entailed with his makeup skills.

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Jeffree Star, most known for his highly successful cosmetic line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is the epitome of an androgynous male, those who are regular visitors to his different social media pages, or subscribe to his popular YouTube channel–which is partly what gave him such recognition, will know that he looks flawless always, thanks to good skin care and equally his gift for makeup artistry.

In different makeup vlogs, the MUAs have shared with their viewers and subscribers some of their Jouer product favourites. Both Angel and Jeffree have stated their love for the Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer, saying it’s their go to for getting that desirable completely smooth lips we all envy so much in life, particularly during those colder seasons. Manny lets fans know that he’s “obsessed” with Jouer highlighters, a perfect way to get a “natural glow.” Makeup has no sex, it was intended for people of any kind in this world of diversity, not a world where everyone is exactly identical to one another in every way shape and form, but one where we are each unique, we all have different personalities and interests and these three male MUAs break down the walls that create a line between stereotypically female and male hobbies or traits.

Article by Evan Terry

Evan Terry

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