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Diana and the team are organising a gifting suite at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. For more details follow this link:

Jouer Cosmetics, known for its make up products that cater to skin needs, are cruelty free and match perfectly any skin shade are arriving at Cannes next week, ready to give attendees a beautiful make over, just in time for all the red carpet events!

Jouer Cosmetics was founded by Christina Zilber, who is a firm believer in women empowerment, and as a mum of two, is committed to inspire people to believe in and contribute to a greater future.

Christina became passionate about make up at a young age, as she was inspired by her mum, a model at the time, and became obsessed over finding the perfect formulas for cosmetics that would be great for every woman’s skin.

Her beliefs are that every woman can look beautiful if she believes in herself and uses make up in her favour, in healthy doses, of course. However, most of all, Christina believes in love, grace, gratitude, making mistakes, forgiving yourself, and the pursuit of happiness.

These are the beliefs that she took on board when she launched Jouer Cosmetics in 2008. 9 years later, Christina’s brand inspires women everyday towards self acceptance, self discovery and natural style.

Jouer means ‘to play’ in French and explains the playful take on beauty and style. Moreover, the brand involves multiple benefits as products over both skincare and beauty.

For Cannes inspiration scroll through the looks below and if you would like to beautified by Jouer Cosmetics yourself, contact us here.

Article by Diana Iusco


Diana Iusco

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