Dutch handbag designer Loes Vrij is making a name for herself globally. Her luxury handbags are made in Florence, Italy of the finest leather, python and stingray. These exotic materials combined with her unique design of the devils horns on the “Diavolino” and the “Glorious Gun” studded rock and roll wrist clutches are her signature pieces.


Black Stingray Loes Vrij Glorious Gun Handbag

Vrij launched her unique creations and namesake brand in 2012 after a career as a lawyer. She went back to school and completed a design and pattern education at the Vogue Fashion Institute in Amsterdam.

Dutch Handbag Designer Loes Vrij

Dutch Handbag Designer Loes Vrij

Shortly thereafter she showcased her line at the Tranoi Paris, International Fashion Trade Show where creativity and business unite. It is here where Vrij says she met famed fashion blogger and Instagram influencer Chiara Ferragni of “The Blond Salad” who helped promote her handbags. Vrij says celebrity endorsement is essential in building a brand and a name for yourself in the fashion world. It is painstakingly competitive. One unpleasant experience she shared with me over coffee in her concept store was having her design of the Glorious Gun bag copied by a well-known Spanish worldwide chain store. She saw the copied bag on their website internationally, and then contacted them immediately. The company avoided a lawsuit by removing the bags from their websites and Dutch stores. However the company modified their design to avoid exact counterfeit. I guess you could look at a situation like this that you as a designer are a creative inspiration.

Model holding a pink leather "Diavolino" Loes Vrij handbag

Model holding a pink leather “Diavolino” Loes Vrij handbag

Vrij’s handbags hold prestigious awards such as being awarded a finalist in the Netherlands Fashion Awards in Milan, Italy in 2016 and a collaboration of Loes Vrij and Atelier VLISCO in 2016. “Tassen” is the Dutch word for handbags and in Amsterdam there is a very special Tassen Museum located on one of the center canals in an old 17th Century building.

Consort PR writer Jennifer Niejadlik outside Loes Vrij store in Amsterdam

Consort PR writer Jennifer Niejadlik outside Loes Vrij store in Amsterdam

Loes Vrij had a long running solo display of her designs in this museum in 2017. It is really an honor to be recognized for all of her accomplishments in the last five years. What’s next for Loes Vrij I asked, and that is she is hoping to add several other product groups to her range such as silk scarfs and sunglasses. She wishes to collaborate with other artist to make new, one of a kind projects in the fashion field.

Worldwide sales are available for Loes Vrij handbags on her website.



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