Looking for the hottest vacation spot this year? We know you want something with a thriving LGBT scene, and an open vibe for you and your partner to feel comfortable holding hands down the street. Sometimes, it’s just hard to know what to expect, “All My Rooms” Holiday Company have compiled a list of the top five LGBT friendly destinations.
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amster-damn, is this city a good spot to head to with your partner. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001 and Amsterdam has always been on the early side of progress, having decriminalized homosexuality in 1811. LGBT tourists in Amsterdam can enjoy the openness in all corners of the city, whether you’re in a gay neighborhood or not. If it’s gay neighborhoods you’re looking for however, the area surrounding the Amstel is a prime spot, and is home to Cafe Lellebel, the only drag cafe in the city. For the hottest nightlife, head to the Reguliersdwarsstraat for the likes of SoHo Pub, Taboo, and more. Don’t forget Cafe ’t Mandje, the first gay bar in the Netherlands, opened in 1927.

The city’s winding canals and streets and accepting vibe definitely put it on your list. In such an open city like Amsterdam, you don’t have to search far to find a gay-friendly place to stay. Check out all the chicest rooms for you and your bae.

San Francisco, California


What could be more gay friendly than a trip to the “Gay capital of the United States”? The Castro area became a gay haven in the 1970s and now, San Francisco houses some of the top queer places and events. Learn about LGBT history at the GLBT Museum, visit Castro Camera, now the Human Rights Campaign Store, or catch a show at the iconic Castro Theatre. Hungry? Hot Cookie is a San Francisco classic in the Castro, offering you delicious cookies in some unique shapes. The Mission District is another LGBT neighborhood, particularly catering to Lesbian and Latino communities and houses many spaces for queer women, like El Rio, a chilled out lesbian bar. Or head to The Stud for the legendary drag shows. The cozy, Castro-based Last Call Bar, and the party-spot, SF Eagle are some of the many other clubs for your nights in SF.

San Francisco’s LGBT history, charming homes, and twisting, hilly streets are calling you. For a place to stay that’s gay-friendly, check out The Parker Guest House.

Guadalajara, México


“The Most Mexican of Mexican cities” is also one of the secretly gayest cities, and with a nickname like “the San Francisco of Mexico” you know it’s true. While in the day, it does not seem like a queer mecca, at night the city is a different story. Head to the historic center for your fill of museum and colonial architecture and stick around at night when this neighborhood becomes the gayest spot in the city, with bars like the relaxed La Prisciliana bar,and the massive and wild Caudillos. Zona Rosa is another area with more upscale LGBT clubs. Dance the night away at Maskara’s or head to the oldest gay bar in the city, El Ciervo.

Restaurants with names like Tacos Gay and Queer Nation, a city full of Mexican culture, color, and history, what more do you need? For a bed to lie down in at night, Casa Alebrijes Hotel is especially known for being “the gay hotel” in Guadalajara.

Sitges, Spain


This Spanish town on the Mediterranean coast is an LGBT vacation must-visit. The relaxed vibes of the town, both in attitude towards LGBT couples, and the chilled-vibes of a sleepy beach town make it the perfect getaway for you and your partner. Plus, queer people of all shapes and sizes flock to this spot, giving it the feel of an exclusively queer paradise. Enjoy the beaches like Platja de la Bossa Rodona, the most gay-friendly beach in the area, watch a drag show at Parrots Pub, or head to some of the nightclubs, like Privilege. Carnaval in February and Pride in June are two of the area’s biggest events, drawing massive crowds for the most energetic parties, for you to plan your trip.

Does Sitges seem as close as you can get to perfection? Book your trip, and after a day of partying or relaxing, of course you need the perfect beachfront room to chill with your bae.

Montevideo, Uruguay


Urug-why haven’t you chosen this as your vacay spot yet? Another Latin American country on the list, Uruguay has always been on the forefront of LGBT rights after legalizing same-sex marriage in 2003. Uruguay has been called the most gay-friendly country in all of South America, making it prime spot for your next trip. As the capital city, Montevideo has tons to do from the waterfront parks to the museums and more in the historic “ciudad vieja.” Montevideo even holds a mural series and monument dedicated to the LGBT community. For nightlife, get ready, because the party scene here is late, usually starting closer to midnight. If you’re up for it, head to Il Tempo or Cain Dance Club.

Uruguay’s progressive vibes mixed with the city’s history and the sprawling layout gives you a perfect trip. Booked your ticket to Montevideo yet? Find all the hottest rooms in the best parts of the city.


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