The Fantasmique Vampire Ball takes place at the Palazzo Ca’ Berdano during Venice Carnival 2019 under the influence of Roman Polanski’s“The Fearless Vampire Killers.” 

“Dear Friends from all countries and all ages, we invite you to the great annual vampire ball on the occasion of the resurrection festivities on Friday, March 1, the year of disgrace 2019 at the impasse sanctuary of rest, known to ordinary mortals under the name of “Palazzo Ca Bernardo”

In the program

-the unwelcome cocktail

Our Bloody Mina, London Jack and Black Mortisia will be accompanied by their fun canines.

Our master of ceremonies Thierry Peteau will present us at the opening festivities, the Classical Nosferatu Bloom Quartet and his opera singer for a recital all in black that will give way to artists from the most prestigious Venetian crypts.

Followed by the long-awaited election of the queen and the king of the ball whose first prize will be offered in a sealed urn.

At the first strokes of midnight we will dance until dawn on the blood rhythms of our dear DJ Grace back from his tour of the Transilvanian dance floors.

This year again our master of tastes, “Ecrins de Saveurs” will concoct a fantasy dinner buffet worthy of the most beautiful full moon evenings where the elixirs of youth will be offered at discretion …

Crucified and garlic cloves strictly forbidden.
In supplement return in gondola first class hearth, only on reservation.”

Fantasmique Casanova 2019

For tickets, follow the link above.

Post by Callum Cobb
Instagram: ccobb54
Venice Carnival Event Promoter.

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