Jeremy Codamine is a photographer who has captured some of the most compellingly beautiful shots throughout his career.

Born and raised in France, Codamine realised his gift for photographer, when starting out by using his “grandfather’s 35mm camera.”

He went onto graduate from college, spending a year travelling around Europe and Australia, where he further developed his talent in photographer.

He isn’t afraid of a bit of danger, as he says he enjoys shooting in “extreme environments,” in the mountains, rocky beaches and in deserts.

He also goes on to say that as a photographer, he wants to capture “the essence of action-packed moments, such as professional extreme sports performances or live concerts to lifestyle and fashion.”

He is now living in the Los Angeles California, where he is taking his photographic skills to another level, ,bringing it to the world of sports.

Dropping in snow #chamonix #freeski #bluebird

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Article by Evan Terry

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