Behind The Scenes Of Venice Carnival – Documentary Film. 

Cortigiane A Palazzo Masquerade Ballo Video 

The Glass Slippers Masquerade Ball Video

Behind the Scenes of Venice Carnival Film. 

Consort PR has just been participating in the Venice Carnival 2019, hosting and partnering in various Venetian Masquerade Balls (Details Below).

While we have been here during the festival, we have been interview Mask Makers, Ateliers, Gondoliers, Opera Singers, Lagoon Pirates, Musicians, Performers, Artisans, Event Co-Ordinators and many more.

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Short Promo Video. 

The Venice Carnival is an international event that attracts millions of people.

We are Presently looking for sponsors to help us complete our Documentary on Venice Carnival.

Due too all the amazing content we have shoot, we are hopefully it will get into Venice Film Festival.

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Details on Venice Carnival and the Events. 

February 16th – 5th of March – 2019. 

Carnival (or “Carnevale”) is one of the biggest celebrations in Italy—and from Venetian masks to masquerade balls, no place does it like Venice! Like the idea of seeing the city at its most festive and colorful? Here’s a handy Q&A about Carnevale in Venice!

Photos By Robyn Yong

Venetian Costume Video By Robin Yong

When is Venice’s Carnevale?

Carnevale in Venice, as with Carnival around the world, takes place in the days leading up to Lent. In 2019, it runs from 16th of February to 5th of March.

Where did the idea of Carnevale come from?

During the 40 days of Lent, parties were off-limits—and so was eating foods like meat, sugar, and fats. As a result, people would try to get rid of all of their rich food and drink (and get their partying out of the way!) before Lent. Hence… Carnival. (In fact, the word Carnevale may come from the Latin words carne and vale, meaning “farewell to meat”!). According to tradition, Venice’s Carnival got its start in 1162, when townspeople celebrated a victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. Festivities became The festival declined during the 18th century. By the 16th century, Venetians were celebrating Carnevale in style!

What about Venetian masks?

Pietro Longhi’s “The Ridotto,” showing the commonplace use of masks 1750s Venice

The tradition of masking has a long tradition in Venice. All the way back in 1268, a law even was passed to ban—of all things—putting on masks and throwing perfumed eggs!

By the time of the Renaissance, masks were a fixture of Carnevale celebrations. By the 16th century, the popular Commedia d’Arte troupe performed slapstick comedy in the piazzas of Venice—while masked. Believe it or not, though, masking was hardly just a Carnival tradition.

By the 18th century, Venetians were allowed to wear masks for six months a year. And they took advantage! Black velvet masks, for example, would be worn in “houses of ill repute”—especially gambling parlors—to shield their owners’ identities.

The Venice Carnival Events We were involved in. 

28th of February – The Courtesan’s Masquerade Ball At The Ca ‘Sagredo Hotel.

1st of March – Venetian Glass Slippers Masquerade Ball.

2nd of March – Killing Kittens. 

2nd of March – Circus of Wonders – Carnival in Love Grand Ball.

3rd of March – The Witches Masquerade Ball


Various Dates – Avanspettacolo Venezia Cabaret Dinner Show Carnival Grand Galas.


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