Banish those winter hair blues

By Hannah Robbins


At this time of year, when the party season is upon us, all we want is beautiful, hassle free, shiny hair. Unfortunately Mother Nature has other ideas.
Tis the season to be frizzy, dry and lifeless.
Well fear not ladies, I have a few tips to get us through the treacherous winter months, so let’s flick back our beautiful locks, hold our shiny well kept heads high and rebel against mother nature.

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Tip 1: Give your hair a day off

At least one day a week give your hair day off from products, heat and styling. I usually do this on a Sunday and I also do this with my skin, no makeup just moisturizer. To start with ensure you have a towel warming on the radiator or towel rail. Now wash your hair thoroughly, kneed the shampoo into your scalp. This will stimulate your scalp whilst cleansing out any product residue. Rinse this out and, if you use a lot of product on a daily basis repeat this process. Now pile on the conditioner, you can use your daily conditioner or a conditioning treatment it really depends on your hair type and condition. Again really massage the conditioner into your scalp and all the way through to your ends. Do not rinse this out but grab your cosy warm towel from the rail and wrap it around your head. I leave this on for most of the day, as long as I don’t have to leave the house. The longer the better, but definitely no less than an hour to really feel the benefit. Rinse off with luke warm water thoroughly, now this is the harsh and scary bit, blast with cold water. I know, I know, this time of year this is not something to look forward to. But the cold shot closes the cuticle and holds in the goodness.
If possible do not dry your hair leave it to dry naturally, I usually put my hair into a French plait then on Monday morning I dress out these lovely natural curls.
These are my top products for the job; I’ve included the shampoos as the conditioners always work better together.
Matrix total results moisture Shampoo
Matrix total results moisture Conditioner
Osmo Deep moisture conditioner
Orofluido conditioner
Osmo Intensive Deep Repair mask

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Tip 2: Moisturize
Just like our skin, our hair needs moisture and during the cold months our hair is more prone to drying and breaking. I recommend a good oil. There are a lot of good oils on the high street at the moment, but like skin, hair has many types and choosing the right oil is like finding the perfect moisturizer.
For thick/coarse/dry hair you need a strong penetrative oil, for this I recommend the Moroccan oil it’s a fabulous conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Which is rich in argon oil and reparative proteins.
For medium/combination hair I would definitely recommend Orofluido Oil. It’s a three organic natural oils in an exquisite mixture with a pleasant, silky texture, it’s absorbed rapidly and doesn’t leave any residue in the hair.
For fine/limp/oily hair you still need an oil. For you guys though I recommend Kitoko Oil Provides intense nourishment, whilst smoothing & strengthening the hair. Restores shine and moisture balance without weighing it down. Tames frizzy or uncontrollable hair. It’s enriched with Omega Oils, antioxidants & Vitamins A & E and it does all this without leaving you’re your hair feeling greasy.


Tip 3: Get it cut regularly
Now this really isn’t a hairdressing ploy to make more money out of us. It really is the key. Our hair grows at a rate of around 1.25cm per month or about 6 inches per year. If you have a mm trim every 6-8 weeks you’re cutting off the dying ends, if you leave them to die and split they will split up the shaft and you will need a lot more cut off in the future. This is no truer than in the winter as your ends are the coldest part of your hair and will split at a quicker rate. So keep up with those trims.

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Tips from Hannah Robbins.

Hannah Robbins

Hannah Robbins


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