Los Angeles, CA – November 27, 2017 – Grammy® Award winning rock band OK Go have shared their latest extraordinarily innovative music video for track “Obsession”. Directed by OK Go frontman Damian Kulash, Jr. and Yusuke Tanaka, with the support of the leading global paper brand, Double A, the intricately choreographed clip was shot in Japan over the course of two years using 567 printers and a lot of paper. Watch the stunning music video HERE. “Obsession” is off OK Go’s latest album Hungry Ghosts, which available HERE via Paracadute/BMG.

“This song is about how our most intense and complicated emotions are also our simplest and most universal. Obsession is so overwhelming and perplexing, but it’s also so binary and basic – everything’s normal and then suddenly it’s not,” shared Kulash, Jr. “For the video, we wanted that same idea: take the simplest thing and just revel in how powerful and not-simple it really is. And animation is that – it’s just one picture on one piece of paper, then another, and then another, and somehow that progression turns into a whole universe. So we tried to create the physical version of that universe, a room where the walls can change into anything you imagine, but everything is made of just one piece of paper following the last.”

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“And what a pleasure it was to collaborate with this team. Working with Yusuke was incredible, and we’ve been wide-eyed fanboys of Rizomatiks and Elevenplay (and Daito and Mikiko) for years, so this was a real dream come true. We learned, again, that the simplest ideas are always the hardest, and this team made miracles happen. We’re so thankful that Double A gave us this opportunity, not to mention the paper that inspired the whole thing!” Kulash, Jr. elaborated

“Because we are constantly looking for innovative ways to showcase Double A’s super smooth paper, it was a no-brainer to approach OK Go,” said Thirawit Leetavorn, Senior Executive Vice President at Double A. “OK Go’s viral video style and award -winning originality that draws viewers in is exactly what we were looking for in a creative partner.”

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Alongside the launch of the video, Double A Paper will offer at least two lucky viewers the chance to meet the band in a city on their concert tour with VIP tickets and backstage passes. Other prizes include iphones and gift cards. Fans can enter the contest HERE. Double A has fostered enduring relationships with consumers based on trust, quality, ease of use, and the company’s sustainable environmental practices and charitable contributions. All of the paper used in the “Obsession” music video has since been recycled, with proceeds donated to Greenpeace.

This summer, two of OK Go’s music videos were honored with a staggering seven awards at the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the largest gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators, and marketers. “The One Moment“, captures, in mind-bending slow motion, over 300 events which occurred in a mere 4.2 seconds of real time. “Upside Down & Inside Out“, which was shot in zero gravity in the skies above Russia, also received the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for Visual Art, and was nominated for the Grammy® Award for Best Video.

Earlier this year, OK Go delivered the TED Talk “How To Find a Wonderful Idea” at the prestigious conference in Vancouver, BC. Kulash, Jr. explained the band’s unique creative approach, shedding light on the process behind their extraordinarily innovative music videos.  Eschewing the traditional slideshow format, the talk itself embodied the infectious spirit of OK Go, and was bookended by the band playing acoustic renditions of “This Too Shall Pass” and “The One Moment” in synch with the songs’ iconic video clips. The talk earned a rare standing ovation from the packed opening-night audience, and curator Chris Anderson joined the band on stage to exclaim, “You’ve reinvented the TED talk!”

Inspired in part by the performances for their TED Talk, OK Go unveiled a new interactive live show on a West Coast tour earlier this month. The band performed their songs live and in sync with 20 of their iconic videos, pausing for question/answer sessions with the crowd and newly reimagined renditions of fan favorite tracks. OK Go will take their new interactive live show in tour next year. Upcoming live dates will be available via the band’s website soon.

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About OK Go

Singer and video director Damian Kulash, Jr. and bassist Tim Nordwind met at summer camp in 1987, and a decade later they formed OK Go. With Dan Konopka as drummer and Andy Ross as guitarist and resident computer programmer, they’ve built a unique career at the intersection of music, visual art, technology, and science, emerging at the forefront of a class of artists whose 21st-century brand of experimental creativity dissolves the traditional boundaries between disciplines.

OK Go have collaborated with dance companies and tech giants, cosmonauts and Muppets, scientists and entrepreneurs. Their videos have been encoded on strands of actual DNA. They’ve penned New York Times op-eds and testified before the US Congress, and they were President Obama’s selection to perform at his 50th birthday party.

OK Go received the 2016 Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for Visual Art, and they’ve been honored with a Grammy, three MTV Video Music Awards, eighteen Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity awards, six CLIO awards, three UK Music Video Awards, two Webby Awards, and have had their work presented at The Guggenheim, MoCA, LACMA, The Hirschhorn, The Hammer Museum, and Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture.




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