Handsome Ghost’s debut album to come early next year via Photo Finish Records. In the meantime, watch their latest music video below.handsome-ghost-honest-mistake







The romance of falling in love filmed in soft, vanilla tones, all video done in a city of New York. In this city where relationships has a cinematic backdrop, which can, in turn, lead to larger than life emotions.
In Handsome Ghost’s new music video for “Honest Mistake,” artist gets a glimpse into the comings and goings of a relationship through grainy film shots and quick flashes of nightlife in Brooklyn and Manhattan. “I wrote a lot of songs, right as Handsome Ghost was first starting out, about the same themes and the same person,” Handsome Ghost’s Tim Noyes says. “Lately, I’ve found myself getting back to that original place, for better or for worse.” Old habits die hard, right? Especially in a city like New York where somehow, among the millions of people, you’ll always manage to run into that one ex, inevitably leading to flashbacks of happier times.”

″‘Honest Mistake’ is our first release in a long time. It’s a look back at the past in some ways, but it marks a new chapter forward for the band, too,” he adds.

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