Regarded by many as Konitz’s greatest album, Motion shows of the alto saxophonist versatility as a jazz improviser. Tracks such as ‘Foolin’ Myself’ features role reversal where Konitz provides harmonic patterns that support solo bass improvisation. The original album consisted of 5 tracks where each ‘head’ is more alluded to than presented as theme which then is developed during a solo or series of solo features amongst the band. The album was awarded a four star rating by The Penguin Guide to Jazz, who included it in their tightly selected ‘Core Collection’, stating it as “one of the great modern jazz records” [Cook & Morton, 2008).

Cook, R. & Morton, B. (2008). The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings (9th ed.). New York: Penguin. p. 836. ISBN 978-0-14-103401-0


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