We are pleased to announce the recent release of LaLa Land, a short film from Farrah’s latest EP, Farrah Please.Written and directed by Ty Whittington, and executive produced by Ban Mechael, LaLa Land is a remake of the movie Girl, Interrupted, the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-winning 1999 film starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

LaLa Land maintains Girl, Interrupted’s overall theme, touching on subjects relating to mental illness and contributing to the ongoing conversation about mental health.



The very definition of an ingenue, Farrah has been dabbling in music and film with equal success. In her latest music video for her song Desert Sand, Farrah gives fans a glimpse of her acting talent, which is on full display in LaLa Land. Dancing through the desert, and showcasing her theatrical skills while performing Desert Sand with evident passion and refined artistry, Farrah captures fans’ attention with her inimitable charm and undeniable charisma.


Speaking of her artistic principles, Farrah said

I want my music to take fans back to a special time in their lives. I want my music to make them feel deeply and love passionately. Ultimately, I want my music to be what sets them free…”


Farrah is currently on the Digitour Arctic Lights Tour roster, having performed in many cities across the nation. Upcoming tour stops include Lawrence, KS; Omaha, NE; Detroit, MI, and the tour’s final stop, Cincinnati, OH. More information and ticket availability can be found on the Digitour Arctic Lights Tour website.

Farrah Please is now available on iTunes.

To learn more about Ms. Farrah Mechael, please visit: www.farrahmechael.com




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