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Bo-Lennart Heitmann, better known by his stage name, B O Z E T T, is a recording artist and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. He studied music at an academic level, as he had the opportunity to attend a music performance school in London, as well as the Royal College of Music in Sweden, where he studies music production. 

B O Z E T T is all about making powerful music that connects with the audience on a deeper level. His sound is positive and inspirational, as the artist really wants to encourage people to follow their dreams, and be the people they truly want to be in this life. His sound combines lush atmospheric tones with distinctive lyrics, as well as modern production aesthetics that set the bar higher in terms of passion and innovation. 

With his dreamy melodies and soothing soundscapes, B O Z E T T is onto something quite special with his music, and he keeps building a strong legacy with every new release. 

Find out more about B O Z E T T and do not miss out on the artist’s new releases, activities, and events.

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