Many of the most powerful men and women in politics, business, entertainment, sports, and fashion have called on CHRISTIAN ILES, known Worldwide as ~ The Beauty Architect to prepare them for their biggest interviews, events. and performances. The celebrity makeup artist, hairstylist, and art/style director is providing his top picks for rising male fitness models to keep your eyes on in 2015.

While the fashion industry can be brutal, one may find breaking into fitness modeling even more rigorous. Here is Take One of the fitness models to keep your eyes on in 2015.
1) Henrique Zanotta Hansmann – Ford Models Brasil / Next Model Management / Why Not Models.

Henrique Zanotta Hansmann 5
2) Omar Betancourt – Fitness Model / Hialeah, FL.

Omar Betancourt 10
3) Magnus Solberg – MyRevolution sponsored athlete.

Magnus Solberg
4) Igor Augusto – Fitness / Fashion Model Rio de Janeiro.

Igor Augusto
5) Bartosz Gizot – Works at Aquastacja & Fistacja & Sportscja / Beverly Hills, CA.

6) Bruno Tomaz – Ave Management , Singapore / MN Management , Brasil.

Bruno Tomaz
7) Roman Khodorov – Fitness Model / Moscow, Russia.

Roman Khodorov 2
8) Robin Balogh – All Star Team IFBB.

Robin Balogh
9) Andrew Beyers – Fitness Model / Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal.

Andrew Beyers
10) Oran Katan – Model at Place Models / Next Model Management London / Elite Model Management Milano .

Oran Katan

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