People now have to eat more than three times a day just to maintain their level of energy and nutrient level in their body to keep them going with their fast paced and demanding daily work schedule. In this situation they need to snack and in most of the times snack on foods that are often harmful to their health. As a result, they have:

  • A reduced immune system
  • A reduced health and even 
  • A reduced life expectancy.

They suffer from several illnesses every now and then and few even experience chronic illness and medical conditions and have to spend much time of their life visiting the doctor and staying confined to a hospital bed. 

Recently, health organizations and other government bodies have raised concerns over snacking habits of people. There have been a lot of studies and researches conducted and several Meta-analyses and reports prepared and all of these highlight the need for a healthy snacking. 

Limitation of the study

However, experts say that further research is required to arrive at a conclusion regarding snacking and health. In spite of the interest in the effects of snacking for many years, it is found in these reports that there is a significant lack of consistency in these studies. The design and definition of snacking cannot be inferred and in addition to that several studies are found to be cross-sectional and therefore failed to provide control for probable confounders. 

However, from the researches that have been conducted and the reports published it is found that:

  • Snacking entailing of better diets such as larger consumption of fruits and vegetables results in better mental health though the studies did not refer to the causality assigned due to the cross-sectional studies
  • The reports of the present intervention also support the view that eating fruits instead of crisps and chocolate provides better health though further research is needed to determine the extent to which these affect human body in general across all other types of snack. 

Undeniably, even within the group of fruits there are variations in the findings. This is because a large part of the study and factors depended on the micronutrient composition of the different fruits studied. 

Similarly, in the report it is suggested that consuming dark chocolate may also have a lot of potential benefits to the health of the consumer. It is primarily due to the antioxidant property as well as the phytochemical effects of dark chocolate. However, the beneficial effects of having dark chocolate could not be demonstrated from this duple blind palliative controlled study.

The current study

The present study is however intended to focus more on the initial intervention and the limitations in the methodology. 

  • Firstly, in this approach more detailed data regarding the dietary intake of people are considered. 
  • The current study is based on the baseline as well as the end result of the intervention. 
  • The participators were instructed to maintain their standard diet to see the possible effects and its reports that may reflect factors other than those mentioned in the previous intervention. 
  • Daily reports were examined and it provided useful facts regarding the mental and physical health of the participants. 
  • This helped to determine how rapidly these effects develop. 

Finally, the measures of the positive effects were included along with all other aspects that results in the general wellbeing of the participants. This will certainly help in the future research.

The current study also tells a little about the body mechanisms that are underlying and affects the wellbeing of the consumer while snacking on different items. Through these facts and findings two types of explanations can be made.

  • The first type involves the effect on the nutrients of the body that is provided by the different snack items consumed. 
  • In contrast to that, the second type focused on the cognitions that are most commonly associated with the different snack items that people think are important and consume.

As per the researchers, it is this last view that can be tested further by giving the volunteers indistinguishable snacks but marking one as “healthy” and the other as “unhealthy.”

In conclusion of the present intervention the reports of the study confirm and outspread the reports of the earlier cross-sectional researches that showed the effects of different types of snack items and their subjective and their consequential effects on the mental and physical health of the consumer. 

The research says that mental health is more important in its own right. This is because it poses a significant risk on the consumer to suffer from different chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and much more. 

Given the fact that many mental health issues are originally apparent in the adolescence period and shows up in the early adulthood, it is essentially required now to examine whether the most common mental syndromes can be prohibited by modest dietary interventions.

Smart snacking tips

However, there is no reason that you should stop snacking altogether and refrain from buying or ordering for snacks delivery at home or your office simply due to the limitations of these studies. Experts say that not having any food in between two meals is even more dangerous than having something at least, healthy or unhealthy.

Snacking is actually a part of balanced and healthy eating. These healthy snacks will keep up the energy levels and give you required nutrients. A healthy snack will also help you to manage your appetite and make you feel less hungry between your meals. 

There are a few healthy snack ideas for adultsthat you can follow. This includes:

  • Fruits
  • A handful of nuts
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Cheese
  • Hummus and 
  • Vegetables.

Make sure that you keep the portions small at all times so that you do not lose the appetite for your meals. Manage the portion size by putting each portion on a plate instead of eating it directly from a bag or a box. Make sure that you eat when you are hungry and not because you are stressed, bored, tired or upset as you may eat more and gain weight.

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  22. Roberthic

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