Submission are open until the 29th of April, 2020.
Location: LA – Online

Creatives across the globe are waiting for a chance to get their work seen in these unprecedented times. They need to look no further than the Trailer Film Festival.

The festival was set up 10 years ago by film reviewer Miv Evans, she set this up with the sole purpose to get content made for filmmakers and to showcase their creative skills. With major online streamers on the guest list, now is the best time to interest buyers for new content. The Festival is unique and stands out from others because only trailers are viewed and judged.The first festival was a live event but this year it will all be online, this opens up more avenues for writers and filmmakers to showcase their work on a larger scale.

The Selection Process: When Submission arrives, the title and trailer link are transferred to an online vote page. The universal 5-star rating is added to each. Every week, the trailers are then sent to the judging panel where they will review, rate and submit their votes, the results are then added to the database. As well as the judge’s votes, the trailers are also submitted to the festival crew so that there can be further discussions about the results, this is so nothing goes amiss.In the first round of submissions there is always a debate,

Miv Explains:
“There was a trailer that got submitted, 4 Judges gave it 2 stars and one Judge gave it 4 stars, I would have given it 4 stars, so what to do with this divisive entry? Well the whole point of Judging is that every submission gets a fair shot”

It was then decided that the festival crew would keep a list of their favourite submissions until the end of the process after the trailers have been chosen, then it would be slightly extended to add some of the crew’s favourites.

The live film festival was a hour-long showcasing a maximum of 30 selected trailers, the trailers weren’t in any order of score ratings, they were selected from a mixture of genres, mood and tone. Over 100 producers, distributors and studio executives attended the last showcase. Many more reviewed trailers in the online screening room. 45 filmmakers received requests with equal interest in both film and scripts. 

Multiple requests for the same project brought the total to 95. 

Paramount requested the most scripts; Film works requested the most films.

Please Note: The Trailer Festival’s role is to connect a buyer with the seller, they do not get involved with any negotiations.

What’s next?Submissions are sent via the website:

Submission deadline is 29th April 2020.

Trailers should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Written By Carla Buckingham

Twitter: Sisterhoodfilms1

Linkedin: Carla Buckingham

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