OMG one of the best TV Series ever. I looove Mad Men. Season 4 is just as good as the other 3. And while many of their counterparts (Lost, Flash Forward, Desperate Housewives) kinda loose it after season 3 Mad Men is still going strong. Fab acting from Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, January Jones etc. and pure perfection from the supercool credits to the end . If Miles Davis Kind of Blue is the perfect album, Mad Men is the perfect TV experience. Such a comparison might sound a bit weird especially since Mad Men still hasn’t introduced a main black character, but in my opinion Davis’s cool jazz is echoed in the way the camera moves and the colour palette. You don’t just watch it, you breathe it and if “Sometimes so little appears to be happening, you have to fight the urge to get up and slap your TV to make the characters start moving again” (quote Charlie Brooker The Guardian) than I reckon you don’t always need crazy space monkeys jumping up and down in your living room threatening to take over the world for a few bananas. Yes you follow the characters from home to the office and back again, but it’s fascinating to watch ordinary people doing their thing. Mad Men allows you to travel back in time. Every little detail and every sound has been carefully researched to make it a complete time traveling experience. So fasten your seat belt for season 4.

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