As anyone who has ever attended the Cannes Film Festival knows, it is not just films that are showcased here. Fashion takes a high profile and at times, even centre-stage. The Croisette is lined with top-end designer boutiques, most accessorizing their doors with buff, sunglass-ed and ear-pieced security guards. The red carpet is nothing if not one of the most glamorous runways in the world with designers vying for celebrities to dress with their creations. Alongside this constant flow of eye-catching hemlines, necklines and backlines runs the Cannes Fashion Festival. Three days of catwalk shows presenting renowned international designers and hand-picked models.

Organized and hosted with aplomb by Dutch model Carolien ter Linden, the Festival is held in the prestigious Majestic Hotel, first choice for many top-ranking celebrities and host of the famous Grey Goose Lounge. Together with my colleague, celebrity hair and make-up artist Leticia de Carvalho, I was invited to all three days as a VIP guest and had the great pleasure of sitting in the front row (or FROW as it is known in fashion circles) – prime seats to witness each model emerge.

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton Majestic Barriere Cannes2015 Penelope Brooke-Hamilton Leticia de Carvalho CFF

Events on such a scale as this are full-on theatrical affairs with exciting lighting, great soundtracks, live performances and runway interviews as well as being personally hosted by Carolien. Welcome champagne, goodie bags and a press board for publicity shots completes the traditional Cannes event criteria.

Nancy Vuu

First down the runway were the exquisite couture creations for children by Nancy Vuu. Launched only a year ago, the brand has taken the industry, Hollywood and the red carpet by storm, and now graces the pages of Glamour UK, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Vogue Italia. These are luxury garments, combining unique detailing that captures the spirit of childhood and high-fashion elegance. Gold crowns woven in the hair of models reinforce the feeling that suggests these designs are to make children feel like royalty. Florals, brocades, velvet and meticulous detailing together with the gorgeous use of colour made Nancy’s show one of whimsy and innocent romance.

Nancy Vuu
Renowned Dutch designer Addy van den Krommenacker presented an equally breath-taking collection of day, resort and evening wear. Textures that begged you to reach out featured heavily ranging from light-as-air chiffon to glossy metallic satin, embroidered brocade and, for sparkle-lovers like me, to-die-for jewel beading. A soft colour palette prevailed, occasional punctuated by vivid florals. Hair and make-up was kept chic and natural, relaxed curls, long lashes and nude glossy lips.


Wearable Carbon from RB Exclusive (Ron van den Bosch) knocked our socks off! Bespoke accessories including elaborate, diamond-encrusted latticed bustiers, super-hero wrist bands and funky non-tie ties for men were like we’d never seen before. And then there were the handbags! Ultra-modern, structured pieces with incredible finishing touches looked like they belonged in the slickest and most stylist of futuristic films. And I can only recommend you look up the champagne holder. Again, a delight for lovers of bling.


Giorgio Capone’s luxuriously detailed shirts were so hot out of the atelier that they are not even available yet. Pre-order only are being taken. With inverse contrast fabrics on cuffs and collars and an array of sexy colours, it was only fitting that they be modelled by girls in the classic ‘wearing nothing but my boyfriend’s shirt’ style and open fronted with jeans by muscle-bound guys. Jamie Elyse enjoyed her international debut with bridal and evening designs that took corsetry to a whole new level while staying firmly in the romantic genre.
Carolien ter Linden (2) Carolien ter Linden (3)

It was an enormous pleasure to be a guest of Carolien and her team and enjoy the lavish spectacle that was the Cannes Fashion Festival. Watch this space for even greater collaboration and involvement in the fashion side of Cannes in 2016!

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