From award-winning documentary filmmaker Jeremy Condamine comes B’hike n BASE. This adventure is a unique experience, a journey that combines cycling and BASE Jump which has never been done before.

Adventurer and base jumper Francky Malleus who is 27 and from France, spent a month and a half on his bike carrying only his camping gear and BASE jumping equipment on his cargo rack to go jump from the cliffs of the Alps.

The discovery of the unknown, the endless roads with impressive passes while camping in fir forests, swimming in lakes and fighting against the rain and wind which will eventually slow him down, this is how his daily rhyme looks like.

At each step friends meet up to base-jump with Francky. The adventure turns unexpected as he finds himself preparing to set off from the highest cliff in France.

 The great sportsman wants to set himself an everlasting and adrenaline filled challenge with the simple destination which is home to join his family back in Nice. The result is 1200 km by bike, 20 base jumps and 40 days of crossing.

Being in the wild nature surrounded by mountain landscapes that make you lightheaded, Francky feels very comfortable in this environment and it has given him a huge feeling of freedom. Best Film – International Air Film Festival El Yelmo 2019. People’s Choice Award & Special Jury Award – Les Icares du Cinema 2018.

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