Photographer gone film maker Anders Brogaard has just launched a new project, far from the luxurious locations, beautiful models and celebrities usually associated with his work. ¨Don’t Fear Your Mountains¨ is a film looking at how we all set up mountains and how to overcome them. Both the ones in our mind and the real ones.

Poster 297x420mm

Anders say’s

“We all have certain fears in our live’s and one of mine is a irrational fear of heights. So i decided to take that mountain head on and start climbing real mountains. Its going to take a long time to overcome and that’s one of the stories we follow in our film. It’s a complete change of lifestyle, leaving London for the Scottish highlands and fingers crossed, it will become a story that will inspire a lot of people to step up and take charge of their life and dreams.¨

Olga Kurylenko

The film is privately funded and will be launched on Indiegogo in 2016.

Follow the project on:

twitter : DontFearYrMnt

Photos by Anders Brogaard:

Li Bingbing Natalya Averina Lydia Hearst-Shaw Isabelli Fontana Flavia Martins Editorial3 Editorial1 Arran Sly Anna Maria Olbrycht Svetlana Zakharova

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