Well this film is not new, it’s already out on DVD and Blue-Ray, but it excels in absolute brilliance. It’s the unbelievably tragic story of a middle aged gay college professor whose partner dies early on in the movie. So it’s a very sad story, but it’s filmed oh so beautifully. The cinematographer Eduard Grau bathes the audience in the grief and the pain which the fantastic Colin Firth has to endure and Grau uses different effects for different parts of the movie, sometimes the camera seems to be faintly influenced or reminiscent of Wong Kar Wai’s “Happy together”. The entire film was shot with one camera, a 5279 35mm Kodak and in one scene the colour was completely removed. Ford and Grau made this decision together, deciding which colours would fit each individual mood the best. The result is incredibly arty. The colour palette ranges from cold blues and greys to warm reds and oranges.

There is an incredible stillness. Again this is a movie which can exist without FBI Agents or Space monkeys, it’s just a small haunting story, but it will haunt you. It’s amazing what colours can do to your mood, like music they can change from happy to melancholy in a second and drown you in your own emotions and deepest fears. The equally fantastic Julianne Moore offers a little comic relief. But it’s a tragic one, because she longs to be with her best friend and strange homesickness for rainy London and better times are always reflected in her mood swings. It’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen, don’t miss it but have plenty of tissues on you. You will need them!

IMDB Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1315981/

Feature by: Barbara Stanzl

Barbara Stanzl


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