Sleeping on an old mattress could adversely impact your mood and your body as sleep deprivation could turn a good day into a bad day anytime. Many consumers are in the habit of retaining old mattresses that have been used much beyond their shelf life. However, finding it really difficult to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night because of intense pains and aches could be the signs that you need to get your old mattress replaced. 

If you still carry on using an old mattress, you would surely be experiencing a lower back pain that is triggered because of sleeping on the malformed, bumpy and lumpy mattress. Moreover, sleep deprivation is bound to happen and when you are unable to enjoy proper, revitalizing, and rejuvenating rest, certain potential health issues would be cropping up. Loss of sleep due to a bad old mattress could lead to the following health issues along with obesity or weight gain issues.

As per experts, “Do not make the common mistake of confusing the quantity of sleep with quality. For example, if your mattress does not properly support your spine, then even a long night’s sleep will not feel particularly restful to you. You may even wake up in the morning experiencing back pain.”

Your Blood Pressure May Shoot Up

Your sleep’s REM stages are known to reduce effectively your blood pressure and revive normal BP levels.  If your sleep cycles were interrupted because of an uncomfortable mattress, your blood pressure levels would not be reduced effectively triggering potential heart issues in the long run. Moreover, we know that the body would be releasing hormones that assist in regulating stress but sleep deprivation would mean stress could build up and cause your BP to shoot up.

Weight Gain & Obesity

You may find it difficult to believe but when you get poor sleep at night, you may end up gaining weight. As people are sleeping soundly at night, they burn a few calories as there is a boost in metabolism. When you are tossing and turning all night without proper sleep because of lumps, bumps, and sags in your old and overused mattress, metabolism would start to slow down. Slow metabolism means fats and other foods consumed would not burn effectively, thus we find that there is a definite link between sleep loss weight gains.        

Moreover, your sleep quality would be impacting your hunger levels. In this context, you must know that there are a couple of hormones that help in regulating your appetite. These hormones are called Leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin helps in making you feel full. If you sleep well, leptin would be generated and its levels would go up in your body. As opposed to this, ghrelin is supposed to be the hormone that makes you feel hungry and when you sleep ghrelin levels are bound to go down. If you are not getting adequate sleep, ghrelin would make you feel hungry. It would seem as if you are starving. If your mattress is keeping you from getting sound sleep at night, beware of those hormones that compel you to eat something. You need to develop strong willpower.


The greatest negative impact of poor sleep is on your mental health. Insomnia because of sleeping on an old mattress could trigger definite feelings of depression. Again, depression could be responsible for further loss of sleep triggering more health issues.

Conclusion: Replace Your Old Mattress 

It is best to replace your old mattress once every seven to eight years. Buy a good mattress that is comfortable enough to promote sound sleep all through the night. With some research and a little bit of homework, you could surely figure out exactly what mattress would work perfectly for you. Sleep well at night to rule out obesity, and other health issues.

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