You can surely enhance the appeal of your fashion site by posting a lot of photos and videos of different events and products. This will in turn increase the number of traffic to your site. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in this aspect. It is very easy on all social media channels and not only Instagram to follow the same old method of posting the same photos and content over and over again. 

Well, a few of these may be tour trademark and a part of your catalog, but it is primarily important that you make sure you are changing your strategy. For this you will need to closely and regularly monitor everything to identify the specific formats that are getting the most engagement. 

You can follow some of the best and most popular post ideas such as:

  • User generated contents 
  • Usersubmitted photos
  • Behindthescene images of workplace or employees
  • Sneak peeks of the upcoming products
  • Simple and easy to remember image quotes
  • Short tutorials or product demos
  • Pictures that show your personal side in daily life and 
  • Images and videos based on a holidaytheme.

While you make a choice of the above it is also important to stay focused on the specific strategies to follow so that you get most of the photos if not all liked, commented on and shared by the users. 

According to several researches on the effective strategies to use in Instagram to raise organic traffic count, there are a few strategies that you can follow to highest level of user engagement. These are:

  • Using human faces with close up shots preferably
  • Real customers using real products
  • Use videos as and when necessary and applicable
  • Use of light colors and dark colors in perfect balance to get more likes and 
  • Using images of high quality, resolution and better and higher background space.

This will not only convey the right message of your product as well as your brand but will also increase the level of engagement enticing the users to participate. 

In short, you must follow the strategies that experts like Gramistaso as to get more traffic and engagement. You must make sure that the images and videos are good and capable enough to motivate your users. This is the most effective marketing strategy. You will seldom need to make a huge addition in your marketing investment if you use this platform prudently just as more than a third of other brands are using it now and making the best of it. 

There is no doubt that Instagram provides true value to all businesses, irrespective of its industry type and size.

Quick and easy process

Just like it needs less investment using and incorporating Instagram in your marketing efforts need less time and effort as well. All you will need is to ensure that you make the best first impression and cut back the distractions. 

  • You can do this by adding hashtag campaigns to the social hub
  • Gather more customer photos to enrich your gallery
  • Seek permission to use them in your content and provide reward to the original creator in return
  • Link these with your product in the best possible way to get the maximum benefit of e-commerce and 
  • Simplify the navigation process.

All these will ensure you reach out to more people, get more organic traffic and drive more sales with the help of different Instagram activities.

Best suited for fashion brands

Most of the fashion brands use Instagram for their brand and product promotions simply because pictures speak a thousand words and this is exactly what this platform signifies being an essentially photo sharing platform.

It is in its nature that Instagram by far is the best suited platform for all fashion brands as compared to other social media channels. It is due to the visual and communitymeasurements that essential ensures: 

  • Purchases are linked to an emotional connect
  • Providing a feeling of belonging to a specific community
  • A guaranteed reach to millions of active users and especially
  • Tap those young followers of the social networks that have a different kind of relationship to the fashion brands.

It is all due to the power of the images that will act as sensitive and effective tool to place emphasis on the use of the product rather than in its possession. Typically, these images satisfy their need of getting connected to any product instantaneously.

Therefore, Instagram is supposed to have provided he most eluding technological solutions for industries that are related to fashion, jewelry, automotive or furniture. It has created a huge impact on the market as well as on the minds of the millennial.

The features of Instagram

Tapping the young generation and fulfilling their wants to buy a fashion product has been made further easy due to the inclusion of the ‘shop’ button by Instagram in the app. 

In addition to that the other useful features of this useful and popular app that has been developed and incorporated over time havealso enabled the users to come to know about the upcoming events, planning of publication and about the community managers as well. It has also helped the fashion brands to rebroadcast their events and even to reveal the things that are going on behind the scenes. These features include and are not limited to:

These features and tools are very useful to market products to this target audience through Instagram. The platform enables the brands to ensure more intimacy and a personal feeling in communicating with the users they want to target.

This platform has provided the brands as well as the users a better and wider opening in ways more than one such as:

  • Live casual conversations
  • Clear and personal pictures and 
  • Official campaign extracts.

All these help to present the philosophy of the fashion brand in the most effective and direct way to modernize the image of the brand and reach to the young target audience.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

You can visit Gramista for more information. 

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