Riding an escooter safely takes a little knowhow and forethought – here are some tips to do so. 

Ride Surfboard/Skateboard/Snowboard Stance

Your front foot points forward and your back foot points to the side. It took some time before I learned this. I used to roller skate as a child and I rode a bike as a teenager. I did not master the skateboard. If you mastered it, you do not have to learn it. 

I used to ride with both front foot and back foot forward. One foot was behind the other foot and both faced forward. I did not give up since I wanted to know the balance and control I had. 

I could have let go of my bike’s handlebars (even though it feels stable, I do not recommend you let go of your handlebars). I will add what someone mentioned in this post: once you master this riding style, you will use your feet to steer your scooter. 

You will use the handlebars for input. However, you will use your feet and body to lead the motion. 

Bend the Knees a Little 

Your legs should not be locked straight. You should bend the knees on rough surfaces or bumps. You will know your legs are great shock absorbers. You need to bend your knees to allow your muscles to take the load. Your joints will not soak up any bumps since the muscles will take the load. Your ride will become comfortable and smooth. 

Do Not Hold Your Handlebars Too Hard 

Make sure your arms are a little loose. Holding the steering straight, ensure the handlebars can move forward and backward. 

If you are going over bumps, you should go light. Going light ensures you are balanced and stable. It also helps you avoid getting sore arms, wrists, or even hands. 

You need to use your handlebars to guide your scooter. Do not use them for balance. You can use the skateboard/surf stance to get this type of balance. 

Make Sure You Are Comfortable 

Sit at a comfortable distance behind the handlebars. You should never extend your hands to reach your handlebars. Make sure the center of gravity of your body is between the back and front wheels.

If you want to brake, you need to back up and lean back. I have listened to several stories of riders hitting the handlebars, especially if they are braking hard.  It usually does not end well. You must make sure the back wheel stays on the ground. 

Drive Defensively 

You must know all the hazards. And you must slow down early. If you have a license and you drive a car, you know why need to slow down early. I will add that it is easy to see other drivers on a scooter. Therefore, you can easily see them turn out of driveways, side streets, etc., but ensure the drivers can see you. 

Always Drive With Your Front and Back Lights On 

The auto lights of some scooters usually switch off during the day. It is not a good idea to turn them off. You have to be seen on the road. You also need to wear reflective gear. You can even put reflective tape on your backpack and scooter. I do this. I use red tape because it is bright on the road, so other drivers will see me. 


There are so many things you will do in an emergency. Therefore, you need to practice all these things in a safe place. For instance, you can practice how fast you can stop your scooter during an emergency stop, you can lean back as you brake hard, and more. Here is a good guide on riding an escooter.

I usually jump off when I feel safe because I know can easily stop the scooter on my feet. However, you do not want to do this with a heavy scooter because it is not safe. You need to practice emergency stops to build your muscle memory to keep you safe on the road.

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