‘TIDE’ short film – INDIEGOGO campaign video (March 2016) from Tunde Bodnar on Vimeo.



Tide’ is a short art-house film about a man and a woman who share a night of passion, but as the sun starts to come up they struggle to bring their true feelings to the open.

With no dialogue, only gently guided by whispers from a poem… the film is purposefully ecompassed by symbolism, and prompting towards the recognition of the power of one’s own choices, the film aspires to give freedom to the individual to draw their own conclusions and let the story speak to them in their own language.

The filmmakers

…written and produced by Hungarian actress/ filmmaker, Tunde Bodnar, shot by fashion photographer-turned cinematographer, Kent Marcus, co-directed and co-produced by professional actor/director/producer Amanda Jermyn and co-stared by the distinctively charismatic Jim Joshua Robison – a young Russell Crowe if you like (sorry, Jim)! 🙂 The poem that accompanies the film is written by Australian filmmaker/ meditation based life coach, Scott Murden.

The post-production team includes lead editor Gergely Szabados ‘Moneo’ and Vladimir Knezevic, and others to be confirmed.



Currently in post production…

We have shot some incredibly beautiful material, however, in order to be able to complete the film – and what’s more, actually be able to put it out there in the festival circuit internationally and let people know about it – we need some support.

This may be monetary / professional / sponsorship / direct or indirect. Anything that will help us (the creators) reach a wider audience and use the film as a vehicle to engage with that audience – so that we can share our story, initiate conversations, and have the opportunity to further our professional contribution.

What we will use your contribution for:


Telling stories connects us as human beings – in one way or another – they make us realize we are all faced with the same struggles, they make us reflect and learn about ourselves… and leave us a little more courageous in our heart.

Tunde Bodnar

Please check out : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tide-a-short-film-by-tunde-bodnar–2/x/13726068#/story

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