February 14th is celebrated around the world but it all started in Rome, Italy. It is on this day that Saint Valentine was beheaded in the name of love around the year 270. He was a priest who assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. The real reason for Valentine’s death is that he continued to marry soldiers even though Claudius forbade it. Claudius apparently thought a single soldier is a better warrior than a married soldier. Saint Valentine’s remains are held in the reliquary of the Church of Santa Prassede. Valentine is the Patron Saint of love, lovers, young people, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, plague, travelers and happy marriages.

Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine

He is often represented in pictures surrounded by birds and roses. And on this Valentine’s Day, what better way to woo your sweetheart than with a weekend trip to the majestic city of Rome? Consort PR writer Jennifer Niejadlik has other great gift ideas for the heavy hearted.

While in Rome, do what the Romans do: young lovers head over to the Ponte Milvio pedestrian bridge and promise their undying love for each other by fixing a padlock on one of its lamp posts. First you need to buy a padlock, write your initials on it with permanent marker, head to the bridge, fix the padlock to the chains around the lamp post, pronounce your vows, face opposite side and throw the key behind you into the Tiber River. The “forever” factor, they say is guaranteed. The “spell” works best at sunset. But if you can’t make it to Rome there is plenty more you can do to show how much you care.

Nothing says I love you more than a bouquet of long stem red roses. The specialty flower shops in most cities are the perfect place to pick up a dozen or two.

You can dress less to impress with lingerie from Agent Provacateur. AP carries an array of naughty and nice, racy and lacey underpinnings. They also offer worldwide sales on their website. As does luxury Italian brand La Perla who makes their garments of the finest lace and silks.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

The scent of love in a bottle is a great gift for men and women. The right perfume tends to have an arousing appeal to the senses.

Gourmet chocolates are a tasty delight.

Or you could stun your lover with a luxurious gift from Cartier. The little red boxes they are famous for is enough to leave your special someone breathless with guessing what is inside.


A candle lit dinner for two is romantic in its own right. You can book a local restaurant or really show it comes from the heart by preparing a home cooked meal together. Sharing quality time creates memories. And if you’re lucky that kind of love will last. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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