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On the 13th June the circus came to Cheltenham with a glittering and sparkling explosion of extremely talanted and glamerous entertainers and designers. United to not only celebrate the exceptionally talented film directer Matthew John’s birthday (21 again?!?) but to raise money and the profile of Circus Starrs, an all human touring circus with a 28 year history of giving free, relaxed performances to children who face all sorts of challenges in life from physical disabilities, to life limiting illnesses.

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The evening was kicked off with an excellent performance of “Vogue” by the exquisite Miss Good Ness Gracious and her dancers. Ness was outsanding and the audience loved her, not to mention the very entertaining balloon dance.

Another huge high light of the night was the absolutly beautifully high fashion and couture childrens clothing fashion show by the exceptionally talented Nancy Vuu. Nancy Vuu’s work is like no other I have ever seen and I was extremely honoured to do the models hair.

NANCY VUU – praised as “HIGH-FASHION ELEGANCE”, is already building itself a powerhouse and taking the children’s fashion industry by storm. Since it’s launch at Style Fashion Week 2014, NANCY VUU has won the hearts of couture lovers around the world. The brand has claimed its stake and now graces the pages of Glamour UK, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and Vogue Italia.

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The glory in the brand surpasses the beauty beheld by the eye and is magnified by it’s purpose. Each piece is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Once made, the garments are given a carefully thought out name that holds a beautiful virtue and blessing to be bestowed upon the child it adorns. Made with purpose and assignment, each garment is sent to remind the child that they are deeply loved and of royalty.

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In less than a year, NANCY VUU has found their way to the heart of Beverly Hills, where they hang next to world renown designers Dolce Gabbana, Versace & Armani. The brand has made a presence on red carpet and styles children celebrities of Hollywood.

We were also serenaded with the delicicously sultry tones of Tala Harper-Scott’s alter ego Madam Merlot who’s rendition of Jessica Rabbits “why dont you do right” left us not only wanting but needing more.

We were also utterly spoilt with an enchanting performance from the London Ballet School. Which was beautiful and spell binding leaving many of us in total awe.

All was topped of with amazing performances from Circus Starr themselves.


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Circus Star


Nancy Vuu

Ness Gracious:

Madam Merlot

Matthew John’s New film adaptation of Hedda Gabler

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Hannah Robbins


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