Latest music video by Rob Playfio.

Rob is just in the process of completing his first album under the name of Playfio.

Playfio formed back in 2012 and has been producing and creating music across many different genres .

Playfio – Velvet
Velvet is a track with a rather long lifespan: the song was written initially 5 years ago, and it has been evolving ever since, as Playfio set out to improve it and enrich it from time to time, eventually performing optimized drums, new guitar tracks and stunning lead vocals. The final result, which was finalized and mastered in Mexico, is finally available!

The song, is a genre-defying blend of pop, new wave and alternative rock with a very cinematic, wide and open atmosphere. Lush guitar and synth melodies correlate beautifully with big drums and more importantly, with Playfio’s unique vocal style. His voice can appear melodic and soft, yet full of energy and power, perfect to build an emotional climax within the song.

Rob Playfio
Rob Palyfio “The track musically reminds me of what the music would sound like if Pink Floyd would go on and start a jam session with Bryan Adams: The music is wide, deep and textural, bridging the gaps between two different musical worlds in a very seamless and inspiring way.”
The video to the song features Reynold Reynolds’ remarkable visual work: Playfio is committed to spread the word about his amazing art through his sound!


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