Once upon a time in France, there lived Princess named DeLys. She was as pretty as the lily after which she was named and everyone marveled at her beauty. Her hair shined golden and her eyes sparkled like the sky on a crystal clear day.

The Princess never cried and was always happy, and content due to her pride and joy – the magical garden that she kept in which beautiful flowers grew and butterflies convened on warm summer days.

Just like rain doesn’t fall on a perfect day, the princesses’ life was so charmed that she never shed a tear.

One night, a terrible storm occured and ravaged the princesses’ palace. The next morning, Princess DeLys discovered that her precious garden has been destroyed. This devastated her so much that she cried for the first time in her life. Streams of her tears ran down her face and dripped onto the ruined flowers.

Then suddenly, a miracle happened… Princess DeLys noticed that the Royal Garden began to revive through her tears. After realizing this, she stepped back, watched and let the magic continue… Branches and stems filled up with extraordinary and never before seen precious flowers and shiny fruits. Not too long after, delicate gold and silver butterflies began fluttering all around the blossoms.

The garden became so beautifully decorated with the living gems that Princess DeLys wished for the whole world to admire it.

The eternal garden which continues to bloom with it’s dazzling charms since that magical day beckons each of you with silver, gold and it’s sparkling gems to come and hand-pick the jewel of your dreams…



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