The Cannes Film Festival will be honoring screen legend Ingrid Bergman this May. Ingrid Bergman is best known for her role in “Casablanca” opposite Humphrey Bogart. But this beauty also played Hedda Gabler in the 1963 TV movie by the same name. Director Matthew John has taken this classic story by Henrik Ibsen and retold it in his version of “Hedda Gabler”.

Rita Ramnani is Hedda herself. The story is of Hedda, beautiful daughter of the late General Gabler, returns from her honeymoon with scholar husband Jorgen to confront the boredom and banality of married life. Although she has little more than amused contempt for her husband, she is pregnant by him and is revolted by the thought of carrying his child and the changes that motherhood will impose upon her future. When the re-appearance of an old flame of hers threatens both Jorgen’s career prospects and her own amour propre, Hedda contrives to bring about Lovborg’s destruction but, in the process, also brings about her own.

The Cannes Film Festival runs May 13-24th, 2015.



Rita Ramnani

“I broached this character much like I do in every way and that was by studying the script until I knew it back to front. This was obviously more challenging due to the language but Ibsen is a brilliant writer and everything was there for me. This wasn’t a case of doing my own interpretation of Hedda, I wanted to lift the true character from page to screen so it was important to me not to draw on previous actress who have brought this infamous role to life.”

Rita Ramnani

Rita Ramnani


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