PLUSH Pure Spirit –&- PLUSH Premium Plum.

Let your Spirit live.


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WE ARE EXCITED TO INTRODUCE the long awaited and highly requested PLUSH Pure Spirit Straight Vodka. PLUSH Pure Spirit embodies the quality that each and every one of us holds true within ourselves—exceptionalism. We set out to ensure uniqueness through our meticulous distillation process in order to achieve an exceptional spirit knowing that nothing is less extraordinary than just doing what others have already done. This is why, while most vodkas are distilled between 4 and 6 times—which is considered to be “good enough”— PLUSH Pure Spirit is distilled 8 times, from corn grains, to deliver a distinct, refined, and oh so smooth spirit to compliment the moments in life worth toasting.  

It all started with the Plum.

PLUSH Premium Plum Vodka was the first spirit released in the PLUSH product line and is accompanied by the essence of the soft, smooth, and sweet plum fruit. The plum has been used throughout history to make Plum Liquor also known as Plum Wine. The richness of the plum has long been believed to be one of the most complimentary fruits for pairing with a premium liquor.

Now, the richness of the plum has been carefully and thoughtfully fused with the 8 times distilled PLUSH Premium Plum Vodka.

From the moment you release the cap you are instantly romanced by the sensual floral aroma 

meant to inspire with every sip.  Whether over ice or as the spirit in a sophisticated cocktail, 

PLUSH is redefining the drinking experience.

The Taste of Sophistication

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