A Duffel bag is made of cloth or a tough material which can withstand rough handling. It is a cylindrically shaped bag which comes in various shapes, styles and sizes. Some of them feature wheels and retractable handles – this type is called a canvas duffel bag. Their use were formerly limited to athletes and military personnel who needed to haul their stuffs to and fro the gym.  Now, duffel bags have gone mainstream and a lot of people fancy using them. They are a good investment for a perfect travel luggage as their size and rigidity allows them to be fully stuffed while packing.

As a matter of fact, it is an art, and you need to learn it if you really mean to stop jumbling your stuff together. Packing a canvas duffel bag is involves a sequence of simple steps, and you would learn how to after reading this.  Travelling with a duffel bag doesn’t put your pack at risk of airport abuse (most airlines do not offer coverage for tampered or damaged packs) and affords you enough room to fine-tune your equipment options while on-flight.



However if you really crave an excellent travel experience with your luggage, spend your money on some great canvas duffel bags. The kind of size and flexibility they are built with, allow them to get stuffed and easily compressed to the gills. With flyers charging extra for extra baggage, duffel bags would help you reduce your number of luggage without necessarily cutting down on the items you already arranged for your trip. It is just a compactible carrier. Your next plan as you are reading this is to learn how to pack a duffel bag. And with the steps below, you would find the process very easy.

As a first time duffel bag user, packing the bag might pose a bit of a challenge. This article explains how to pack a duffel bag without hassles – whether you are a first timer or a frequent user.

  • Let the side edges of your bag be folded downwards, this allows for easy access to the bottom off your bag. As you continue to fill the bag, gradually unfold the sides.


  • Let the less important stuff which you would need less often go to the bottom of the bag. Items that are not clothing or breakables should go to the bottom of the bag. For clothing, items like spare pairs of pants or pajamas should go to the bottom off the bag. Always ensure that heavy or large items goes in first.


  • Do not just throw your clothes in, roll them into cylindrical shapes and place them in a row in the bag. Items like socks, belts and other small stuffs should be rolled and stocked inside your shoes to save space and help your shoes maintain their shape.


  • Continue packing your items or clothing along your priority list from the bottom of the bag to the up, keep unfolding the edges of the bag up or shake it to keep things in place. Shaking the bag helps the clothing or items settle and create for more space.


  • After you have packed in everything, it’s time to secure your bag. Get a small lock like a TSA lock to keep your bag secured. This type of lock protects your baggage from potential theft and also allows airport security officials open the bag without ruffling your items if there’s a need to manually check the contents.

Canvas duffel bags are shaped in a way that allows you retrieve your items easily. This is due to the spacious interior design of the bag. Wherever you are going, a great duffel bag and these tips on how to pack your bag will get you there in one piece.



Written By Matthew John.

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