At Consort PR, we are thrilled to see the incredible Bristol designer Mishi May ( and the stunning Laura Eve Thyer, whose beautiful shoot has been published in the one and only Vogue magazine. Very much deserved and a proud day for Bristol’s creatives!

Below are some of the photos from the recent and very elegant shoot that will be used to help promote the Museum’s fabulous St Valentine’s event in February: “The Nightingale and The Rose.”

The Nightingale And The Rose

I do hope you come and join us for an extraordinary evening of immersive entertainment, music and dancing. Set against Bristol Museum & Art Gallery’s magnificent architecture will be enchanting performances from aerial artists, acrobats, ballerinas and dancing carousel ponies.
For more details:

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Mishi May:
“It was an absolute thrill to have access to the Museum at night and to the fascinating subterranean specimen stores. Also over the moon to have been published in Vogue.”

“We have a motto at the Mishi May studio, ‘FASHION IS A MOOD ALTERING SUBSTANCE’, and we aim to celebrate uniqueness, art, and the sheer fun of dressing up.”
misha may (3)
Laura Eve Thyer:
Rebecca Rose Robinson:
Victoria Lindsay Coutts:
and Donatella Hazel Lillian Pegler:

Please take time to explore the links below:

And hope to see you all in February looking Glamorous and Fabulous!

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

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