Neil Jackson plays the role of Abraham Van Brunt, Aka the Headless horse man in Fox Tv’s “ Sleepy Hollow”. A TV series adapted from Washington Irving’s “The legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Creators Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, though the power of magic has given the rider of death a head and a powerful back story, which Neil brings to life with his captivating performance, blue eyes, and blond locks.

Born in Luton, Bedfordshire Neil spent most his time at The National Youth Theater or enjoying boxing, martial arts and sport. He start his career as a Personal fitness instructor while learning acting from Michael Armstrong.

Neil “Soon after I signed with an agent I went out on every audition they could get me. I auditioned for coffee commercials and radio plays, to play dead bodies in detective shows and a drunk in a music video. Then, little by little, I started to book jobs.”

Since then Neil has fought with James Bond and been taught to whistle by Woody Allen. His stripped naked on Millwall football pitch and fought the entire Persian army alongside Colin Farrell.
Now he is playing Abraham Van Brunt an undead man who sold his soul to Moloch after being killed by The Shadow Warriors. His head was later severed by his former best friend… so he character hasn’t had the easiest of lives.

Neil “ I love this world. I had read the original story. And I loved all the colonial period, costumes and everything that came with the Sleepy Hollow story. It was the stuff that all actors dream of, a BBC period drama, but then to add into it the supernatural element, and then to add the action element. It just ticked more boxes then I thought possible.”


Neil “I love working with John Noble who plays Henry Parrish the horseman of war and he is just such an amazing actor, i have loved him since lord of the rings and loads of other stuff he has done. So working with him is incredible.”

neil jackson in 2012

To add to a long list of bad guys that Neil has portrayed, we can also see a more romantic and soulful side in his mesmerizing vocal tones by checking out his music videos.


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