Natoria Smith 17

Natoria, a young, talented model with an already impressive body of work behind her is well on her way to achieving that model status she is striving for. Modelling at events such as LA Fashion Week – Style Fashion Week where she took the spotlight and was fortunate enough to be first to step onto the catwalk, it comes as no surprise that she is the current holder of titles such as “Top Model of the Year ‘Teen’ 2014” and the “Miss Diva” award in her age division. Modelling for brands such as Mustard seed and H&M, as well as designers ranging from Loren Franco to Bound by the Crown which she modelled for at the fashion show at Myrtle Beach. I can see her career taking off in not too distant future.

Natoria Smith 1


Natoria Smith 12


Natoria Smith 14


Natoria Smith 15


Natoria Smith 8

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