Interview with Miss Good Ness Gracious
Burlesque Artist, Singer and Pin-up model

What inspired you to become a burlesque dancer?
– I caught a glimpse of a world of talented, strong and creative women and men. Artists of all shapes, sizes, genres, tastes – a pick and mix of delights and I wanted to be right in there too.

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Who inspires you?
– My friends firstly, the ones who say to me ‘Why not’, they let me believe my ridiculous ideas are possible. One of my favourite artists is ‘Tigger!’ the daddy of boylesque. Not only is he a phenomenal performer but he is also a kind and giving person who treats those around him with respect.

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How did you get into it?
-It’s took a few years of wanting to before I finally had the bravery to take the plunge and start lessons. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

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What’s been your funniest moment?
-I have a “gorelesque” act that involves peeling off fake skin… on performing it for the first time I discovered that there is something better that making an audience laugh… making them recoil in disgust and laughter as the same time – it is the best!

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What’s been the worst moment?
– Getting ready to go on stage and realizing that I had left my sparkly knickers on the dryer at home.

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What advice would you give girls wanting to follow in your footsteps?
– To follow their own footsteps. Be individual and create the acts that you want to see, acts that would make you laugh and Cheer! And be nice! it’s a community for of lovely artists because if you behave like a diva you won’t get booked. Simple.

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