Morire con dignità ~ Death with Dignity, Italian Style,

Jasmine Trinca and Carlo Cecchi in “MIELE”

MIELE (Honey), Italian, 2013, Directed by Valerian Golino: Starring Jasmine Trinca (Miele) and Carlo Cecchi (Grimaldi) Viewed at Jameson CINEFEST, Miskolc, Hungary, October 2013:
The Italian film Miele had another unusual subject this week, Euthanasia, and a fascinating lead actress, I have never seen before but would like to see much more of after this. Jasmine Trinca is exceptionally beautiful, has a perfect face, globular eyes and slim body, and you simply cannot keep yours eyes off of her — even dressed as she is in this film unglamorously in jeans, and with boyishly close cropped hair.

MIELE (Honey), Italian, 2013, Directed by Valerian Golino (2)

Miele is basically the story (third time this festival) of a relationship between a young woman and a much older man; Irene, 31, and Grimaldi (Carlo Cecchi) 74. Irene, nick named “Miele” (honey) has an unusual job which requires her to take trips to Mexico to procure dog killer, Latuna, ostensibly a substance “to put down dogs”, but actually a poison to put terminally ill patients out of their misery. The subject is Euthanasia, and the complicated psychology of people who want to end it all. Irene is an illegal suicide assistant and gives the applicants every chance to change their minds, but in the end it is Mr. Grimaldi, a 70 year old man in perfect health but simply tired of living, who will make her change her own mind about the grisly way she has chosen to make a living — administering illegal drugs and poisons to people who want to die.

A bit thin in story line but the hypnotically beautiful lead actress turns it into a compelling sit through ; Jasmine Trinca, 31, was the actress playing Irene. The pic was directed by well known Italian actress Valeria Golino, her first turn behind the cameras, a most promising debut to say the least.

MIELE (Honey), Italian, 2013, Directed by Valerian Golino (3)

Trinca, a leading light in Italian films since 2000, received the Italian Golden Globe “Nastro d’argento” best actress award this year for her work in “Miele” and the film itself was screened at Cannes in “Un certain regard” where it won a commendation by the Ecumenical jury, a body whose function is to show support for Good Christian values. One can easily see why since suicide is a mortal sin in the Catholic Church.

Ten stars — Jasmine Trinca will give you a reason to live another day!


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