Madonna's Harpers Bazaar Photo-shoot

Madonna’s Harpers Bazaar Photo-shoot

By Vivienne Sharman-Lewis

For anyone who came of age, as I did, in the era of Madonna, and was inspired by her “Kick Ass”, approach to music, style and women rights, whatever she does will always attract interest! So when she launches her new MDNA SKIN, in a stylish and highly creative video campaign, I, and many of my generation will sit up and take notice. Her new initiative, as expected, is on parr with the quality and creativity we have come to expect from the Queen of Popular Culture, who has reigned for some 30 years, reinventing both her music and her visual imagery in both music videos and on stage. Partnered with the innovative Japanese beauty brand MTG and with Milk from Season 6 of Rupaul’s Drag Race, this association has spawned an inspirational and artfully produced video campaign, which was premiered this morning on HuffPost Queer Voices.

Featuring a “Fly on the Wall” perspective of a photo shoot, the video portrays Milk working three different iconic Madonna looks, in his own inimitable style.

We enjoy a spectacle of what appears to be a beautifully toned and supple Madonna, posturing in several of her unique looks, from the “Hung Up” music video, the “Living for Love” music video, and the Cone Bra from the Blonde Ambition Tour.

Madonna can be heard throughout in voiceover, speaking about expressing yourself, loving yourself, and loving your skin.

“From having my makeup done by Aaron, to my hair, to secretly getting to try on the original Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra, shooting the MDNA SKIN campaign video was surreal! To be a part of this, for someone who has always epitomised the ideals of being different and unique, was a dream come true.”- Milk

So wherever Madonna goes, many will follow, and I am sure, we can expect the same quality and attention to detail that she has offered is over the years, in whatever she endorses, so I look forward to trying MDNA Skin for myself.

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Vivienne Sharman-Lewis

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