Lorenzo Richelmy, 24, is the Italian actor who was picked from relative obscurity to star in the Weinstein produced Marco Polo, which was released a couple of weeks ago.

The TV drama is a series about Marco Polo’s early years in the court of Kublao Khan, the Khagan of the Mongolian Empire and the founder of the Yuan dynasty.

Lorenzo, who didn’t even speak English before the role, was chosen for the part of the famous explorer and had to quickly learn kung-fu, horseback riding and sword-fighting, which he’s now mastered after seven months of shooting on locations in Italy, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

Lorenzo Quote My hometown is La Spezia in Italy, not Los Angeles. The name actually translates into ‘the spies,’ so it’s sort of perfect for Marco Polo. It’s in the north of Italy. But now I live in Rome.”

Lorenzo Richelmy, Marco Polo Lorenzo Richelmy, Marco Polo  (2)

Lorenzo quote about himself and the role: ” I’m Italian. That helps a lot because back in the day, cultural differences were more evident … but Marco was cultured and that was the first thing that amazed people from the East. Also, I’ve been in all the places that Marco Polo has been, because my stepfather was stationed in Southeast Asia, so since I was 9, every year I’d visit Vietnam and Myanmar.”

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Netflix has bet big on their new series, to the tune of a reported $90 million budget for first season. Betting just as big on the stunning Lorenzo Richelmy. Althou, Lorenzo is not just the only stunning part of this production. From breath-taking horseback scenes, Over indulgent production values and the exquisite backdrop of the Kazakhstan landscape and Venetian Architecture. The Tv Series is set to be a visual adventure.

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Lorenzo quote:  “They closed down three squares, two bridges, and three canals in Venice—the kind of interruption that’s normally – almost impossible in the Italian city” – “That was that moment, I realized what I was doing- The only way to face that – is just to play. Pretend it’s easy.”


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